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You can count on us for all of your diesel and automotive services. Call now and you'll get great service from a mechanic who is familiar with all makes and models.


Let us help with everything, including engine overhauls, power stroke injectors, GM Superchargers, Banks Power Packs, Pac Brakes, transfer cases, and more.


You can even count on us for electrical, brake, exhaust, and suspension services, so call now and schedule your appointment with our excellent team.

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Whether you have a car, truck, new vehicle, old vehicle, foreign, or domestic ride, you can work with us. We are proud to serve Blaine and the rest of the Twin Cities area, so call now and let us go to work  for you.


You'll get friendly, reliable service from an automotive expert, and we would love to help with everything. No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on us for fantastic automotive service at a fair price.

Great diesel service

•  Computer diagnostics

•  Turbocharger repair

•  Gas injectors

•  Air conditioning

•  Clutch

•  Transmission

•  Differentials

•  Shocks

•  and much more

Foreign and Domestic


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•        Computer Diagnostics

•        Turbocharger Repair

•        Gas Injectors

•        Air Conditioning

•        Clutch

•        Transmission

•        Differentials

•        Exhaust

•        Engine Overhauls

•        Power Stroke Injectors

•        GM Superchargers

•        Banks Power Packs

•        Pac Brakes

•        Transfer Case

•        Electrical

•        Brakes

•        Shocks

•        Suspension

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